The recent ministry to Uganda in September of 2012 was amazing, as we participated with the North American School of Theology in continuing a new learning center in Seeta, Uganda. Over 120 students from as far as Northern Uganda, attended classes daily. The instructors, Rev. Dr. Tommy Mims of Oakridge, TN, Dr. Bently Thomas of the Virgin Islands and Rev. C Danny Johnson of Johnson City, TN presented both lessons and discussions that proved to be very welcome to all who participated.

The planning team at work in preparation for first class.

Rev. Wafula has agreed to head and coordinate efforts in Uaganda in behalf of Community Life International and what a wonderful addition. He is the General Secretary of the Uganda National Baptist Convention. He also spearheaded and plans the classes for the North American School of Theology.

One of the interesting aspects of these classes is that they were a diverse group. There were of different denominations, tribes and genders, all making for a great fellowship in the Kingdom of God. There was great celebration to that end, the Kingdom was premier. Our shared goal was to extend this fellowship as far as possible.

A dialogue has begun between different aspects of the Diaspora, one that has here-to-for been hindered by a variety of circumstances, but now the opportunity to form new relationships of empowerment are being brought to bear through the grace and power of our Sovereign God. We encourage and invite your prayers, participation and support that this window might not pass without our being included in the book of divine registrants. There are many list in the Old Testament, for example Nehemiah 3, that record the names of those who were a part of God’s movement during critical junctures in history. This may be one, get on the role.

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