Our Story

Beginning in 2000, the opportunity was presented to go to Kenya to engage in missionary work. Upon taking advantage of this opportunity, it became clear that this was not something that many African Americans had done before. This brought to our awareness the absence of African American missionaries. It also became clear that this could be remedied by creating an organization that would fill the gap by making necessary plans and preparations for those interested in such work.

We began through discussions among members of the Tennessee Baptist Missionary and Educational Convention under the leadership of President Edward S. Robinson, Sr. and came to maturity with the support of President Marvin Mercer. As this discussion was continued new ideas began to emerge. The Mission Board of the Convention was merged so that education, evangelism, home and foreign missions came under the same heading. Partnerships grew out of this move and with the insightful work of Elder Joe B. Maddox, the current President of the TBM&E Convention. the pursuit of a functioning agency was born. We noted that there were scattered efforts by various groups and churches, but nothing that would work nationally nor interdependently. For the last year, we have been working on filling that gap and Community Life International Mission Agency is that vehicle.

In Kenya, we began to work in the areas of education, medical mission’s ministries, community development and churches in a variety of capacities. As our activities continued we began to collaborate with other groups doing similar kinds of work. Then we found other groups and churches around the country that would support missions work, but they lacked a reliable and consistent mechanism to work through. We can be that link.

We recognized that by developing shared ministries, we could also share contacts in foreign countries and in so doing, simplify the process of finding help in doing ministry throughout a broader field. This network is what we seek to further develop so that as persons increase in a desire to contribute and participate in international missions, we are also building relationships in other counties, therein stabilizing our relationships and resources.

As we venture forward, we hope to build an international network of chapters of this organization in diverse counties in such a way as to also positively impact local economies with employment and or small business ventures done as ministry and not for profit businesses. This approach will lead to sustainable projects that carry forward the good that can come from such efforts. The lessons we learn in ministry, can be applied anywhere.

We also recognize that we are not alone in our efforts and therefore have and will continue to seek out partnerships with others doing similar work, such as World Vision, Samaritan’s Purse and International Christian Missions; to name a few.

Our Mission Statement:

Community Life International Mission Agency seeks to encourage and facilitate short term mission activities. Our focus is to engage the African American Church in cross cultural Kingdom Building for Christ.

Our Calling and Vision:

The African American Church has not been as evident as it could be internationally. Community Life International Mission Agency (CLIMA) exists to alter this situation. Like Nehemiah, whose heart was moved to the point of action, but needed help in bringing together the needed resources and arrangements. CLIMA has as its purpose, the determination to overcome hindrances. We believe that by assisting in making the necessary arrangements, we can support overcoming this discrepancy. We don’t seek to be a Black agency, but we do aim to encourage those historically absent from cross cultural work for Christ.

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