Community Life Uplift Organization


August 11, 2011
Strategic Plan 2011-2015

In five years, community Life Uplift Organization will have established a foundation of compatible structures, (in the US and in Kenya) methods, rules and guidelines as well as processes to operate as one body to improve the quality of life the un-evangelized and marginalized communities in Rift Valley, Kenya.

Community Life programs founded on high:-

Expectation, academic achievement and Spiritual as well as academic support for sponsored pastors, Missionaries and boys and girls who are under-privileged the communities.

→ Women trained to empower other women to understand bad cultural practices and the importance of education and entrepreneurial skills.

→ Leadership development programs responding to the specific leadership needs throughout the region for local Missionaries lay and Ordained as well as Community Life Organization leaders.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is that Community Life Uplift Organization-Kenya will have an empowered God fearing, self reliant CLUO community who will live free from bad cultural practices like, female genital mutilation –FGM, and early marriages. The boys and girls who will be sponsored through CLUO, will graduate and /or proceed for higher education and gain employment in various sectors while practicing CLUO ethics.

Organizational History and Profile

Community Life Uplift Organization is an organization that works with an inter-denominational affiliation mind-set in the greater North Rift Valley province.CLUO Headquarters is situated at Kao La Amani Theological College, a school sponsored by Africa inland Church, AIC.The word Kao L’Amani is a word that is found in Isaiah 32:18, “Then my people will live in a peaceful habitation and in secure dwellings and in undisturbed resting places.

Community Life Organization seeks to make this verse a reality in the lives of the people of the communities we shall minister, as people encounter the Love of Jesus Christ in their lives through the Ministries and projects of CLUO.

The Rev. Dr. Samuel Kip Elolia led the first team of African American missionaries to Kenya in the year 2000, at least in my knowledge. These missionaries who included Rev. C. Danny Johnson of Thankful Baptist Church- Tennessee had come to teach theology courses to a class of pastors through the initiative of professor Kip Elolia. The other was Rev. Joseph Holifield. Thanks to professor Kip E lolia for connecting us with these brothers. Without encouragement these missionaries to come with him they could not know Kenya and therefore perhaps even Community Life Uplift Organization –Kenya and CLIMA – USA wouldn’t have been registered by now.

The purpose of Community Life Uplift Organization is to support the dynamic and vital mission outreach and discipleship work of the church in the Northern part of the larger Rift Valley Province of Kenya with a population of over five (5,0000,000) million people.75% of these population is economically disadvantaged, therefore CLUO comes in with pure intention to facilitate and support Mission, church planting, education, leadership to enhance women economic and social empowerment projects and support special projects that would see the lives of the people in the region transformed forever.

Being a young organization which is barely a year and half old, Rev.Dickson Tallam with his wife Jane have been instrumental in the coordination of CLUO activities while professor Sam Kip Elolia has played the role of advising us on the way forward between Community Life –Kenya and Community Life- USA. Community Life uplift Organization –Kenya is gradually gaining reputation as a reliable community Organization serving the disadvantaged and marginalized people of our communities by supporting education through locally motivated members of of our CLUO board here in Kenya to sponsor primary, high school and university education of orphans and needy boys and girls.

In 2010, Community Life sponsored 37 students in various schools.CLUO budget for this last year came to a total of Kenya shillings eight hundred and ninety seven thousand (Ksh.897, 000) translating to $ 11,212.50.Community Life Uplift Organization’s activities were run through a volunteer (Retired chief) Mr. Philip Nyeris and Mrs. Margaret Rutto who is an education officer with the ministry of education at Kapenguria in West Pokot District.

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