Why should you join the Community Life International Missions Society?

“And it came to pass, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept, and mourned certain days, and fasted, and prayed before the God of heaven,” (Nehemiah 1:4)

This is our motivation and vision. It is through the awareness that has come from the reports of those that have had opportunity to go and see for themselves the situations that so many of our kindred in faith and ancestry endure. Nehemiah was moved in heart and mind by the reports brought back; he prayed for assistance in being able to do something that would benefit those of Jerusalem. I for one had a similar experience, during my first missionary venture to Kenya in the summer of 2000. During my stay and having grown closer to the class members, I was struck by a statement of one of the more mature students, who said, “You are the first Black American missionary I have ever seen. I did not know that there really were any Black American Christians. And if so, do they not love us and want to come help us.”

The African American Church has not been as evident as it could be internationally. Community Life International (CLIMA) exists to assist this situation. Like Nehemiah, whose heart was moved to the point of action, but needed help in bringing together the needed resources and arrangements; CLIMA has as its mission, the determination to overcome this hindrance. We believe that by assisting in making the necessary arrangements, we will assist in overcoming this discrepancy. Contact us and we will guide you through the process.

Our Mission: “We want to help you get to, where God wants you to be”


Your Membership means you will:



Keep the work of missions bathed in prayer. By your constant prayer, we believe God will further bless our hearts, hands and efforts in going where He would have his servants go, doing what He would have His servants do.

Pray for the relationships that emerge as we build a network throughout the world of friends who will help us participate in spreading the Gospel and strengthening the Church wherever the Lord will lead.



Matthew 28:19 says “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations. “ We are charged and challenged to do as the Lord Jesus has instructed and we can do more together than apart in building the Kingdom of God.

Commit to be informed about the activities of CLIMA as the Lord leads in this work. We will build a network of relationships and ministries that you should be aware of, concerned about and prayerful toward.

Help us help others do the work of building Kingdom relationships around the world: Community Life International.

Know that you’re a part of a unique society of believers doing a unique work.

Most importantly, you will be working together with others in the missio dei, the mission of God, in the World.



Share about the work of CLIMA and invite others to become involved in the work.

We believe that there are needs that God has shaped each of us to uniquely fill and there is a matchless blessing to be appreciated. God has done a work in our lives, our communities, and our history that has helped to shape our witness to His goodness. Surely there is a blessing in our testimony.



We invite you to prayerfully commit to support the work and goals of God through the vehicle of Community Life International with your financial support, to the best of your ability. The work can only be done with the help of friends like you.

We have designed a way for many to take part and each contribution will be used in the work of Kingdom building. We pray that you would commit to an annual gift at the level your faith and fortune can maintain.

Personal Giving at level

$5.00 per month

$10.00 per month

$20.00 per month

Whatever amount you wish

Group Giving at level:

$100.00 per month

$200.00 per month

$300.00 per month

Whatever amount you wish

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Our commitment to you is that we will seek to maintain a high level of transparency in what we do, what we spend and how we spend. We will commit to report to our society members annually, how every dollar had been used.

Most importantly, we invite to you come, go be in the midst and see for yourself.

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