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African-ancestry Populations Genome Project




Precision Medicine is an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environmental exposures, and lifestyle for each patient. On January 20, 2015, President Obama announced the Precision Medicine Initiative® (PMI) in his State of the Union address and called for $215 million in fiscal year 2016 to support the Initiative. Precision Medicine will transform the entire medical field.

Interpretation of Genetic Variants

Interpretation of Genetic Variants

Databases of health people can be used as filters to filter out the benign genetic variants

Types of Genomic Databases

Current Medical Genomics Studies

“Most of medical genomics has focused almost entirely on those of European descent. Other ethic groups must be studied to ensure that more people benefit from precision medicine” - Experts say Nature 475(7355):163-165

Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS)

GWAS scan the genomes of thousands of people for known genetic variants, to find out which are associated with a particular disease condition.

Exome Aggregation Consortium

Challenges and Disparities

“Challenges and disparities in the application of personalized genomic medicine to populations with African ancestry” - Published 11 Oct, 2016 in top science journal Nature Communications.

In this article, scientists stated: Due to Euro centric databases that would miss causal variants in minority populations, this would greatly undermine the promise that sequencing technology holds for clinical genomics, and precision medicine for minority populations.

Precision Medicine for African-Americans

In order to provide precision medicine to the population with African ancestry, we need to build genomic databases of African descendants. These databases will be easy to query online, and free to use by geneticists and doctors all over the world. These databases will transform the clinical practice for African Americans, and for entire human race.


African-Ancestry Populations Genomic Project

This project will be philanthropic project that will great benefit population of African ancestry
• Phase I, collect and aggregate all the public genomic data for population with African ancestry
• Phase II, genomic sequences of healthy African Americans and disease-specific African Americans
• Phase III, releases all the aggregated data online for science and medical communities to use for free

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